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Organizational Development of High-Tech Enterprises by Means of Improving the Efficiency of Team Building
Tourist and Recreation Cluster as an Optimal Facility to Implement Mechanisms of Public-Private Partnership
Factor Evaluation of Living Standards of Economically Underdeveloped Countries
Industrial and Innovation Potential of the Chuvash Republic in the field of Import Substitution Policy
Cross-correlation Methods in Forecasting of Economic Cycles
Theoretical Aspects of Credit Risk Concentration Management in Commercial Banks
Peculiarities of Innovative Development of the Republic Tatarstan
Formation of Artificial Needs and Their Impact on Social and Economic Spheres
Main Approaches to Structural Modelling of Parameters of Shadow Economic Activities on the Micro-level
The Possibility of Applying Different Cost Accounting Systems in the Water Transport Organizations
Personnel Potential as the Most Important Resource of Economy
Assessment of Efficiency of Investment Structures Clustering in the Process of Innovation Cluster Creation
Improving the Efficiency of Managing the Development of Transport Complex in the Region (As Exemplified by Stavropol Region)
Overview of Approaches to the Essence and Main Content of the Discount Rate
Administrative Stimulation of Economic Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex as Exemplified by the Republic of Tatarstan
The Model of Ensuring Innovative Import Substitution in Russian Industry
The Quality of Public and Municipal Services as an Indicator of the Interaction Between the Business Environment and the State in the Formation of Mesoeconomic Clusters
Social Protection of Maternity in Europe



The Problems of Civil Regulation of Works Made for Hire
Particularities of Disciplinary Responsibility of the Employees of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation
The Principle of Responsibility in the European Charter of Local Self-Government
Empire as a Pattern of the State-Legal Development of Europe
Modern Legal Status of Corporation and Main Problem of Integration of Overseas Experience of Corporate Law in the Context of Development of Civil Legislation in the Russian Federation
Criminal Responsibility for Providing False Information Relevant for Criminal Proceedings under the Criminal Law Code of 1903
International Cooperation of Internal Affairs Bodies: Legal Regulation and Cooperation
Modern Collisional-Legal Regulation of Hereditary Rights Problem of Russian Citizens Abroad in the Process of Inheritance of Movable and Immovable Things
Procedural Order for Submitting Petitions to Hear the Case in a Special Order of the Trial
Professors of Kazan University and the Socio-Political Debate of 1905 on the Problems of Political Reconstruction of the Russian Empire:
the First Projects in the Commission of Kazan Provincial Nobility Assembly
Transnational Crime: Concept, Characteristics, Countermeasures



Optimistic and Pessimistic Tendencies in the Philosophy of Nothingness
The Impact of Optimization Measures on Efficiency of Healthcare System: the Comparative Characteristic of the Volga Federal District Regions
The Development and Usage of the Image of Regional University Based on University’s Image Policy
The Experience of Implementing the Historical and Ethnographic Directions in Ethno-Cultural Formation of Udmurtia
Higher Education in Russia: Main Features and Problems of the Bologna process
Assessment of the Socio-Economic Conditions through the Method of Survey
(the Experience of a Comparative Analysis of the Low- and High-Income Groups of Population)
Simulation Technologies as a Basis for Analysis of Corruption Relations
Value-Oriented Behavior of Students in Post-Industrial Society
Conceptual Approaches to Understanding the Phenomenon of Patriotism in Sociological Sciences
The problem of Analyzing the Media Image of the Political Leader
Strategic Competence of State Civil Servants: Research Methodology



Memories of heroes are right
Problems of development of legal education of Russia in light  global transformations (on materials I of the International forum of graduates of law department of K(P)FU)
Ideological dialogue of a scientific and theological thought develops



Reflections about the book



Portrait of a Historian Placed in the «Indoor scene» of Time, Place and Mentality